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The valuable oil of the soybean, widely used in industry, is extracted either by solvents or by expellers.The amino acid distribution of soy protein is more like that found in animal protein than the protein from most vegetable sources; for example, lysine comprises about 5.4 percent.

Many tapioca factories and mills are equipped with modern raspers, special shaking or rotating sieves, and settling tanks of various types; but some fermentation takes place, and small rural mills can often be identified by the smell of butyric acid.The vitamin contents of soybean (as micrograms per gram) are as follows: thiamine 12, riboflavin 3.5, nicotinic acid 23, pyridoxine 8, pantothenic acid 15, and biotin 0.7.The bulk of the soybean produced in the United States is used for animal feed; the Asian crop goes principally for human diet., and the plant is native to South America, especially Brazil.It is now grown in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and parts of Africa.

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