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We believe the future of this nation is worth investing in.

More than a conference centre, we are a social enterprise that exists to transform the future of Burundi.

In a matter of days, hundreds (possibly thousands) of Tutsi lives were lost.

The ensuing repression, however, went far beyond the province most directly affected by violence; its avenging furor swept across the entire country and lasted for months after it had been brought under control.

The total annual running costs of the programmes are equivalent to €1.5 for each person in Bo district and €3.2 for each person in Kabezi district.

“Here in both suffer from extremely high rates of maternal mortality.

“MSF’s experience can serve as an encouraging example for donors, governments and other NGOs who are considering investing in the improvement of access to emergency obstetric care in countries with a high maternal mortality rate.” MSF’s data indicate that maternal mortality in , MSF figures indicate that maternal mortality in Bo district has decreased to 351 per 100,000 live births, compared to 890 per 100,000 in the rest of the country 1– a 61 per cent reduction.

Not all Tutsi were perpetrators, however, nor were all of the victims Hutu.

The fulcrum of the rebellion was in the southern province of Bururi, its leadership consisting of a small group of radicalized Hutu intellectuals, most of them operating from neighboring Tanzania.

To the extent that it claimed an ideology, its overtones were militantly anti-Tutsi.

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