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If you aim straight ahead, it will land beside the giant boulder below and blow open the entrance to Dodongo’s Cavern. Actually, as long as you’re up here, you can cheat and do a back flip at an angle over this shorter Bomb Flower fence to land on top of the roof of the Dodongo’s Cavern entrance and grab a Piece of a Heart (#21) early.

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Once you get up into the large area, head to the right side of the flag.

For now, our objective is the bottom level, so you can just jump all the way down to get there quickly.

Once there, head over to the big door, which is closed. The nearby Goron gives you a clue if you speak to him: stand on the carpet and play Zelda’s Lullaby, which will cause the Goron leader to open the door.

Simply Z target them and wait for them to come towards you.

Once they jump at you, hit the B button without moving the analog stick to perform a vertical slash that will hit them in the air as well.

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