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please don't arrest me." He was suspended from the team and has pleaded not guilty. 18, sophomore offensive lineman Keith Coleman was charged with aggravated assault and harassment.

Police records indicate that in an incident on the street near the Pitt campus he beat up one man and body slammed another who attempted to intervene.

In a span between mid-July and late September, four players were arrested for four separate, violent crimes.He held her against the wall, continuing to choke her." When two female witnesses tried pulling Knox off Turner, he allegedly threw punches at them and knocked them down. A day later, Knox was dismissed from the team after being charged with assault and reckless endangerment. But it was like a teenage spat." When asked about Knox, Wannstedt said, "He did things he never should have done and was dismissed from the team." Knox will be formally arraigned on March 3 and could stand trial later in the spring."The charges are garbage," Knox's attorney, Martin Scoratow, told SI. Before this rash of arrests, Pitt had no procedure for screening football recruits for past trouble with the law.According to court records, Douglas hit a male pedestrian, whom police found lying in the street, bleeding from open wounds to his head and throat.As Douglas was handcuffed he said: "Hey I play for Pitt football ...

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