Misha barton dating

Barton had been dating that person for three or four weeks and said that looking back, she thinks the act was premeditated and that she was targeted.

“It was a crime — it is a serious crime to tape people without their knowledge like that,” said Barton.

The actress also spoke about her 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold in 2009, which she claims was brought on by prescription drugs she felt she shouldn't have been on.

She said the team around her had her on medication so that she could fight past exhaustion and anxiety as she dealt with fame and an overwhelming amount of work. It was just — I didn’t want to be [at the hospital] — and I didn’t think it was fair," said Barton.

This marks the second feature from director Roxy Shih (The Tribe).

Giles Daoust wrote the script, which received several awards and nominations in festivals and screenwriting competitions.

Phil for an interview that aired on his eponymous talk show Monday, in an attempt to clear up misconceptions that have been circulating about her since she rose to stardom on Barton said that over the years a lot has become "very public" about her and that while she's tried to control it, she said it seems "close to impossible to continue doing" that.

"I want people to hear it from my mouth," said Barton.

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They then headed off on a small trip to France." Got that? In other news, James is the son of Australia's Victorian Liberal Party treasurer Andrew Abercrombie—who is worth a reported 4 million.The actress talked about the recent incident where she was filmed incoherently shouting outside of her home.She later released a statement saying she had been drugged. Phil that it saddened her that her neighbor didn't try to help her but instead recorded her and sold the tape.“People find it convenient, they attach you to one particular thing. In today’s Horror Highlights, we have five new character posters for a film currently showing at Cannes, Painkillers.

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