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Or visit one of several Cacao plantations, with hands on chocolate making sessions.If you are lucky enough to be in the area the first week of May you can attend the annual Cacao Festival, with competitions & traditional Maya pageantry & dancing.Tell us your "vision" of your dream vacation and we will help you make that dream a reality.We have personally seen or stayed at all of the properties we represent, and add to the list with every visit.Far to the South, in the Toledo district, you will find the home of many of Belizes current Maya population.Here you can experience indigenous home stay opportunities, see tortillas being made by hand, observe traditional musical instrument making.Belize has never been a mainstream tourism spot and that has kept the land unchanged, and the people real. Although this country is small, it is incredibly diverse. Maya ruins from the Classic & pre Classic period dating back to 600 AD: An easy & interesting day trip across the Guatemala border brings you to the magnificent Tikal ruins huge, powerful, amazing pyramids including an ancient Maya astronomical observatory.

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) Extensive travelling has offered her the opportunity to explore some of the most unique and interesting spots in the world. from mysterious subterranean caves to soaring Mayan Pyramids . endless romantic choices abound An educational exploration of some of the oldest Mayan Ruins on the planet, Join an archeological dig.

Whether you are a serious birder with a life list or a casual observer, birding in Belize will delight and satisfy you.

Adventure enthusiasts and weekend warriors Belize will get your blood pumping and challenge your very soul!

But, as she puts it "once I got to Belize, I never wanted to go anywhere else." Our associates are all seasoned travellers and familiar with Belize - because Barbara has made her passion our business. Or study with traditional native healers, bush doctors and drummers. View wild orchids and flora you've only seen in botanical gardens A funfilled beach holiday with unlimited water and underwater sports, Beach bars with funky bands, Dancing to local Punta Rock music till the wee hours, Beach volleyball & basketball competitions, Deep sea or fly fishing, And, of course, some of the best diving on this side of the world!

This tiny nation nestled on the Caribbean Sea has it all - and more. A vast network of caves chock full of Maya pottery and remains. National Geographics famous Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM cave), Barton Creek Cave, Che Chem Ha pottery cave, Tiger Cave, Ho Keb, Rio Frio & Crystal Cave to name a few just waiting to be explored.

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