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I have to be honest, got a lot on at the moment, training for the Leicester marathon and also recently promoted, not meeting much at the moment, I may be coming off this again soon..

All the pics of me on profile are of me, I am not shy and happily verify myself on webcam (always like to cam before a meet) sorry do not have face pics on Fab but happy to share on Skype or something....

I do often take pics off my profile if the messages are getting too much.

Police attended the park but did not spot the injured victim, who was lying semi-conscious in the undergrowth.

A cyclist contacted the ambulance service around 50 minutes later after spotting blood and a hair-clip on the ground and finding the victim critically injured nearby.

Opening the case against the youth, who cannot be named because of his age, prosecutor Gordon Aspden told Leicester Crown Court that the woman would have died were it not for the treatment she received in hospital.

After showing the jury CCTV of the defendant allegedly carrying a paving stone, Mr Aspden told the court the woman was walking through the park when the defendant appeared at her side, violently forced her to the ground and raped her.

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